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Wednesday September 4th, 2002
Well I went to the village last nite for the first time in approx. 8 weeks. I have just not had time to get downtown. I have been either working late and then early the next day, or taking the day and sleeping. Contrary to other reasons why I have not been DT. I put my social life on hold for work. Maybe not the best thing, but it was the less stressful thing to do at the time. I still reply to e-mails, when my computer is behaving that is. I need to reformat and reload everything.... It has been awhile since I did this. Now that you are bored to hell. I am on my way out, have to work tonite.

Tuesday July 30th, 2002
Yes it has been awhile since this was updated. So lets cover a couple of topics in this update. PRIDE in Toronto was fun and DAMN HOT. It would have been better if the parade would have been on the Saturday, maybe there would have been less heat stroke sufferers. The weekend was spent at Sk8R's house for me. That was our base of operations. The best part is that it was close to village and had A/C. Xiek marched in the parade this year, although it was as a marshal (got tricked into that). I still had fun, and the hat was ok I spose. Peel Pride had a good turnout at the parade this year and even though there was troubles getting the vehicle, it was good for a first time with an actual float. Next year will be different. BIGGER AND BETTER.
After Pride I was back at work for a bit and then I was off to Halifax on business. THe company sent me out to do some computer training. Although I was there on business, how could I not indulge in some of the pleasures of the East Coast. Halifax has 3 gay bars. 1 Leather, 1 Gay, and 1 that is mixed more str8 on FRI and gayer on SAT. I spent most of my time at NRG. I knew some of the employees there from work, so that is the main reason. With a sexy bartending staff, and bus boys that do drag, it is a fun place. I think almost every employee of the bar did drag regularly? Pre-requsite to get a job there?
It was real easy to meet people there. I met one person and it cascaded from there. 7 of them had the same name as me, all gay and 2 of them were dating. I lucked out because the last weekend that I was there, was Halifax PRIDE. Xiek got to celebrate 2 PRIDES this year. Halifax pride was better than I had expected and bigger than the rumors had said it would be. It was fun to walk the streets of Halifax. A lot of the spectators were repeat spectators as the parade wound down the town to the dock. As the parade wound down, spectators would walk down the street to watch it again.
After the parade went on the boat cruise that was sponsored by NRG. Too bad it was soo F*$&ing cold that day. It was raining in the morning and overcast for the cruise, it was COLD ON THE WATER. Still a fun time, and a good drag show too.
As we were walking back to the bar for a FREE BBQ, some old man stopped me and asked "Excuse me, what was that parade for", "Why it was GAY PRIDE". "That damn thing held me up for 45 minutes."

Saturday June 22nd, 2002
So TALYOR DANE in concert. WOW, it was different. All these ppl went to see her and like no one looked like they were enjoying the show. They were ALL either REAL OLD, GAY or BOTH. Except for the group of us that were there. We were bopping along, singing, dancing in our chairs.
Subby was scream out TAYLORS name the whole time.
Afterwards was fun too. We all kind of went our separate ways. So I just found a SLOT and sat in front of it. I accidentally picked the $1 slots. Good thing though, cause I am up $100.
I saw some guy win $11 000 on "Let it Ride" That was interesting to watch.

Sunday May 19th, 2002
Senior, if you get caught at the border, RUN senior, RUN.

Friday April 12th, 2002
This is it, the night of nights, no more rehearsing or nursing apart, we know every part by heart.
Xiek & Subby's Birthday Bash Bonanza Extraordinaire Spectacular happened tonite. Check the special page for pics.   B-Day Bonanza
It was a fun time had by all and Xiek and Subby were impressed with the turnout. It is not often that that many fags WANT to go to Mississauga.
Xiek's neighbors never even complained once about the noise. It was a mixed party, breeders and queers. Some of the breeders felt a little odd.
With CuTeN putting cake all over Xiek & Subby's face, we looked like something out of Braveheart. Then Subby decided that the cake would look better on the wall and carpet.Drunken Fags, what to do with them.
And with a certain someone mooning everyone. WHAT A NITE.
Look forward to the Xiek & Subby Summer Bash Bonanza Extraordinaire Spectactular.

Monday April 8th, 2002
Case Closed ?
It was a story with an intriguing set of elements. Romance, religion, morality, sexuality…and now, at least from the perspective of a jaded teen and his many supporters, you can add tragedy.

A last ditch-appeal from Oshawa’s Marc Hall to take his gay boyfriend to the school prom was abruptly dashed on Monday night. Hall was given ten minutes to make his case before the Durham Catholic Board, but despite widespread public support, he wasn't able to topple the age-old dogma of the Catholic Church.

It took less than a few minutes for the Board to render its decision. In a pre-written statement, Board Chair Mary Ann Martin said that allowing Hall to go to the prom with his date would be effectively endorsing or teaching that homosexuality was consistent with the religious beliefs of the Catholic Church.

“I say to you, you cannot bring your same-sex partner to the prom, we are not rejecting you as a person,” Martin said. “We accept you, but we cannot condone or allow homosexual behaviour at our school function.”

“I was kind of surprised," said a teary-eyed Hall. "…they obviously don't understand.”

The heartbroken teen hasn't given up however, he's planning to take legal action.

April 8, 2002

Go to Pulse 24 for more information on this topic.

Saturday March 23rd, 2002
Somethings just make you HMMMMMMM?

Tuesday March 4th, 2002
Well I thought I would put some Trivia up here. See if you can get these at all?

If Sam is three inches soft and nine inches hard, what percentage does he grow?
(a) 50%
(b) Spain
(c) 300%
(d) If that's the Sam I used to date, he thought watermelons were eight feet accross

The average prostate exam takes 3 minutes. John's doctor is twice as slow as most doctors. After how many minutes is this officially considered a date?
(a) Two minutes and forty seconds
(b) Do you think this is covered by O.H.I.P.
(c) "The Spirit of St. Louis"
(d) The minute the doctor hands John a glove

Friday March 1st, 2002
Ventured to the booming Metropolis of Hamilton tonite. The crew and I went to a friends to pre-drink and WOW what a nice place. PENTHOUSE, and a nice guy too.
Well the drive there was ok. The one way streets took some getting used to though. Not used to EVERY street being one-way. We managed to get there and get Xiek parked in a tight little spot, you gotta love VW's.
They could have more than 1 person working the Coat Check/admin fee line, that would help to expedite the patrons faster. They should try the shared service, maybe they could beat my 75 cust/hr. I would be more than willing to give them some tips.
Apart from the quality of the music, I think my ears almost bled, they are still ringing almost 24hrs later. The club was nice, had a great mix of music and the crowd was really good looking too. Saw some familiar faces that were there. Tofer tried to hide on us, but we found him. Also saw a friend that works for the company in St. Kitts, was nice to see him again. Y'all want some cookies?
I am not sure that Subby and I could have made bigger asses of ourselve, well not true, we could have, but I was content with the amount that we did.
Embassy is on my list of clubs that would get a follow up visit from Xiek.
Now just one thing left to decide......
Package A
Package B
Package C
Which one to choose.... mmmmmm This may take some time to decide.

Friday February 22nd, 2002
Yes I am still alive, I have not fallen off of the face of the earth. Just been really busy lately. Went to VEGAS, no I am not a millionaire. IF I was that would for sure be here. Well now you know that I am still alive all your hearts can rest easy now. I would like to thank all of you that sent me an e-mail to see if I was ok and ALIVE.

Saturday February 2nd, 2002
All I have to say is "Vive e Switzerland"

Tuesday January 29th, 2002

Saturday January 26th, 2002
Yes there are unconfirmed reports that Xiek was spotted at FLY. Can you believe it. Keep in mind that these are unconfirmed.

Thursday January 19th, 2002
For those of you that need one, I can fill a mean Hot Water Bottle.

Tuesday January 8th, 2002
Thought that I should do a double entry since DAVE THOMAS, founder of Wendy's is dead. He died as the result of a form of a cancer that he had for the past 10 years.
Moving on, we went to Tango's to sing Karoke last nite. Has some fun, Chris Brown and I sang 2 songs, "I'm just a girl" & "I want you". We would like to apologize for the horror that the patrons had to go through last nite.
I guess we were a good duet though as someone that I was Chris Browns husband? Please I have better taste than that.....  :)
Met 2 kewl ppl that are worthy of mention, Steve and Cameron, friends of Berry Vicious.

Tuesday January 8th, 2002
From:  Personnel
Subject:  Communications Standards

Management wishes to bring to the attention of all personnel that some individuals have been using abusive language in the exchange of normal verbal communication with relation to the performance of routine activities.

This code list is provided to permit individual freedom and originality of our fellow employees to alleviate frustration and provide a clearer process and effective means of communication with one another and not offend customer relationships and other individuals with sensitive ears who may be within hearing distance.

To preclude mistaking the communication codes with department numbers and telephone extensions, management has assigned 800-900 series numbers to be utilized for your convenience and clarity.

801 You've got to be shitting me    
802 Get off my fucking back    
803 Beats the shit out of me.    
804 What the fuck?    
805 Its so fucking bad I can't believe it.    
806 I hate this fucking place.    
807 Your ass sucks bananas.    
808 Fuck you very much.    
809 Lovely, simply fucking lovely
810 FUBAR- Fucked up beyond all recognition.
811 Beautiful. Just fucking beautiful.
812 Fuck, shit, piss.
813 Hair pie, fur burgers.
814 I just got fucked.
815 Big fucking deal.
816 Hang it in your fucking ear.
817 Get bent.
818 I don't give a shit.
819 Oh shit!
820 Merry fucking Christmas.
821 Fuck it, just fuck it.
822 Hot shit
823 Bitchin.
824 Tell someone who gives a shit.
825 Don't get fucking wise.
826 I don't give a fuck.
827 Pardon me sir, you obviously mistook me for someone who gives a shit.
828 As long as I don't stand up I'm fine.
829 Fuck the phones.
831 I didn't design the fucking thing. I just sell the motherfucker.    
832 Your ass sucks wind    
833 The fucking thing won't work.    
834 Go pound sand in your ass.    
835 Fuck off.    
836 Who called this fucking meeting?    
837 SNAFU- Situation normal, all fucked up.    
838 I'm free this weekend.    
839 Fuck it.    
840 Help me dump this mother.    
841 Lets ball at lunch.    
842 I'm free tonight.    
843 SSDD-Same shit, different day    
844 Call me to come back to work.    
845 Let's take off sick together.    
846 Meet me at the motel.    
847 Up your ass.    
848 Life is beautiful, isn't it?    
900 Let's have oral gratification.    
901 Kiss my ass.    
902 Let's trade balling partners.    
903 Is he/she available?    
904 Muddy field, couldn't play.    
905 Colorful, but nice.    
906 Ask me again in a couple of days.    
907 Far fucking out.    
908 Let's split this joint- but not in the office.    
909 Let's eat in tonight.    
910 You play ball with me and I'll stick the bat up your ass.

Monday January 7th, 2002
Here is something to ponder. Do you think that that lady from Hamilton is just in enforcing the by-law that makes street sports illegal? She is requesting that the police enforce the by-law which says that sports played on the streets are illegal.
The judge threw the charges out iof court stating that the day in question there was no proof that the kids were actually in the street.
If you want my opinion, this is a bitter old woman that does not know what it means to be a child growing up in Canada and street hockey and football is a pastime. Granted, maybe, just maybe the kids did some damage to her garden, this is still a very grey area. BUT if they did, why ask them to help clean up the damage/mess before calling the police. Diversity is what makes our country strong, but at the sametime, at times like this, it sometimes hurts our national pastimes/traditions.
Some things should just be left alone, that is just my opinion, for whatever it is worth.

Tuesday January 1st, 2002
HAPPY NEW YEAR. I had to work today, ugh. Made it through about 32 hours awake. and not really resting for more than 1 hr of that. But like my previous post says, IT WAS WORTH IT.
I hope that all you had a HAPPY NEW YEAR and that you have an even better 2002. I plan to anyways.

Monday December 31st, 2001
New Years Eve baby! This is going to be another not so fun New Years. Gots to work 2p-10p tonite and 7a-3p tomorrow. Someone has to I guess, why not me?
Went to Buddies to meet my friends. Got there at 11:30pm and a LONG LINE with sold out tickets, just goes to show it is WHO you know. Managed to get in and get coat checked by 11:45pm. Was in the drink line for Midnight though. Still near some friends. The fact that I by-passed Astounded in line and did not even know it was funny. Sorry bud but when you work till 11pm and the tickets are SOLD OUT, you have to make due.
HAD A BLAST.  Do not think that I could have had much more fun partying with anyone other than Astounded, his Sis, Toleo, Sid, Tofer, Keisha, Tofer Bro, Jami, Jami boy, Casper, HGL, Subby, NorthTorontoBoy, Randy80. There may be one or two more, will know more when I get the pics back.

Monday December 17th, 2001
Tonite is the company X-Mas party. Cannot wait. This year I am going all out, I am bringing a date, not just any date either, my BF. Yes that is right, I am currently NOT single. I am expecting some mixed feelings from other party goers, but nothing that would not be expected from any other place other than Church St.
Well the party was awesome and my date said that he like it, (other than the music, it had lyrics). Roast beef buffet dinner, with an open bar all nite long, the only down side, no Tequila at all allowed. The waitress said this was because last year a group of ppl rang up a $1,000.00 bill that the place was not supposed to serve us so we did not pay for it. I think that group was me and my friends, cause we had a lot of shots last year, A LOT.
I was dancing most of the nite and was given lots of stuff by the DJ. A sombrero, a Lai, a whitsle and some flamy tinsel thing. We met Jessica and her BF Jordan this time around. Some new ppl to party with.
The whole nite we got 2 dirty looks, and one long, long look of not disgust, but something, and one surprise when Eric told Baxter who the guy beside was.
Hope eveyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I have yet to start my shopping and have no idea where I will be on New Years, as I work 2pm - 10pm that nite.

Saturday December 1st, 2001
This going to be an all-in-one news update. I am feeling to lazy to figure out what happened and when.
It was a pretty good week for social activity. Out on Tuesday and met a boy from Sarnia at Crews. We went to watch Karoke. ZELL had an encounter with a really really nasty old dirty man... We almost had to open a can of whoop-ass on him. He eventually left. THANK GOD. It felt like we were at the BARN. Sarnia boy was nice and fun to party with.
Happy, Glendon, Zell and I had a good time anyways. The Karoke was not that bad. And we met a some really kewl Dykes too.
Thursday was a fun nite at the Barn with JonE, Tiberius, Glendon, and honestly I forget who else was there. Oh ya, Thumper, TeaSea, Bri4Guy, and a few others. Although I do not think Tiberius remembers much of what went on...
Friday, well another shitty nite at work. 16hrs at work all doing paperwork is NOT fun at all. I hope the rest of the stores made food. You included HEATH. So after sleeping all day and getting woken up by the ever so sexy Steviee, so it was not so bad as it seemed. I got ready to go out and party at my usual Saturday nite destination.
Skeeter graced us with his presence briefly. He left quite quickly. I think I saw Triple555 there too.
Saw an old friend there and got caught up on the past few weeks.
I can't wait for the weekend and all the parties that are going on in December. Although, I will prolly not be able to go to most of them cause of my schedule, but we will see what we can do.

Saturday November 24th, 2001
Pre-Party at CuTeN's house to help celelbrate his roomates B-Day party. Skeeter, Jamiroquai, Paulicious, Revenant, TOLeo, Happy-Get-Lucky, Subby, GAPKid were there. Fun times by all.
We proceeded to Woody's after we knew the Carbaret shows would be done at midnight. There was a line but we managed to get through it quickly. Once inside there were more if us. Tiberius, Mr. Pita, the every so sexy SID Vicious, Astounded, StevieGuy, Tekhouseboi, Chris Brown, Bradford, Randy80, Casper and KidBjork. A lot of us let's just say that...
It was real fucking hot in there tonite though... I guess they did not have the ability to turn on A/C since it was winter time... We were all sweating like pigs...
At close the crowd disipated and we went some of our separate ways.
Tiberius, Casper, TOLeo, StevieGuy and myself went to FRAN's for a bite to eat. And it was a good thing that we did. A post B-Day party for Brenda came in and we sang Happy Birthday to her with her friends. Jasmine, the leader of the outing had a brother, Vladymir, and a friend Rob. They were team players and Rob looked like a GAP, or CLUB MONACO Model... Mouth watering good. We were invited back to party with them at Brenda's place, but for stupid reason did not go.. Someone please slap me when they see me next time.
Rob, I hope to see you at the Bar's, maybe I will not be so shy next time.

Friday November 23rd, 2001
Another nite at Woody's with the gang. Cept tonite, we all went different ways. CuTeN, KidBjork, GAPKid and Subby all went to Rama. Which was an adventure in itself from what I heard, you will have to read the Subbyland News and read it for yourself. He can explain the incident better with the Police.
We ended up going to the Barn and forgetting that is was the BIG LEATHER weekend, the line was HUGE.
After a couple of mins in line we decided NOT to wait. Lil J and I said our goodbyes to Casper, Darynn, and their 2 new friends, cannot member their names for the life of me...
Lil J and I left with TOLeo, he had to go home so the two of went to Taluah's (Buddies). Totally different crowd on Friday than Saturday.
It was still fun.

Thursday November 22nd, 2001
The plan was for Embassy tonite, but that fell through when EVERYONE was going to be at Woody's and somewhere DT after that.
It was the usual crowd out this nite. TOO Many to list.... It was fun, ended up at the Barn and can you believe that the 3rd floor is closed for rennovation? I think they are getting rid of the sway, that sux, that was the fun part of the 3rd floor.

Wednesday November 21st, 2001
This is a backshadow post. It happened on Thursday, November 15th.
What a nite, WOW, like 20-30 .comers at Woody's all at once all having fun... Subby especially and his damn Simpson's impressions, and how could I forget his Cleo too. I will try to list the attendees, if you were there an I forgot you, then let me know...
GlendonKYD, Rabbit72 & his BF, Subby, CuTeN, KIDBjork, Mikey_Dude20, Mystic20, Mr. Pita, SID_Vicios, TOFER, Tiberius, Skeeter21,  ElectroPhunk, Randy80, J<dot>Bee, knowah, driftwood, Eastern_Boi. Sinkerking just happened to be there from out of town that was kind of a chance meeting. That is all the .comers that were there and then there were some offliners, LIl J, and Myron.
And yes, we did go to the barn afterwards, I got dragged there kicking and screaming. I got to see Richard my favorite bouncer again... I miss him...

Saturday November 17th, 2001
Pre-Drinking at TOLeo's again... I missed that and this time there was company. Randy80, Alphawolf and his BF. And they actually came to Buddies with us.
It is great to be back! Spent the nite at Buddies last nite and is it me or do the Cabaret shows get worse every week? The cowboy one was ok, BUT, the other one. And what a time to come back, the group of us that were was amazing just like Thursday. Too many to list. But all the important ones anyways.
It was great seeing Astounded and groping each other like we usually do... ;)
Oh, BTW, did I mention that I am on HOLIDAY this week and cannot wait to finally recover and get to 100%.

Wednesday November 14th, 2001
UGH, been off work with Pneumonia and Broncitic since the 5th. The new drugs seem to be working and may be back to light duties tomorrow. We will see. All this typing getting caught up is exhausting. Time to rest.

Wednesday October 31st, 2001
Month End nite, which means 12 hours counting both stores inventories and finishing up the books. Well that is the usual procedure, but not it would seem for this month end. It seems that someone decided that he did not want to live and tried to get T-Boned by running a red light on front of our main store. He did not get hit and hit the telephone pole in front of the store and knocked out power. Did I mention that the pole fell toward the GAS STATION next store. Fire, Police, Ambulane, Hydro workers were all there pretty quick. The guy was in his vehicle for a long time until they could ensure that the power was cut and safe to touch his car that was entangled in wires. I have heard reports that he died in Hospital, but nothing confirmed.
The power was out from about 21:30 on the 31st and came online at 10:17 on the 1st. This meant one thing, yes MANUAL INVENTORY with a flashlight for me. Ofcourse when the power came back online, the computer and tills were not working very well either, why would they, Murphy's Law right?
Well I finally got the inventory entered and by then I had to leave, it was 15:00 at the time. I had been there for 20 hours and had been feeling sick recently, I was not even sure I could make it home.
But I did.

Saturday October 27th, 2001
Walking down Church St. on Hallowe'en is an experience let me tell you. This was my first time and it was quite entertaining. I recommend that you do it if you have a chance.
Lil J and I went down to meet GlendonKyd. We ended up meeting somewhere on Church, we walked up and down for a bit and looked at all the costumes. The Diesel Dykes were hilarious.
Starting to feel the cold a bit, we decided to make our way to Buddies. On the way we saw an overentusiastic Tree Hugger that looked a lot like Michelle from American PIe. With a closer look it turned out to be Astounded!! It reminded me of this one time at band camp.
We all entered together and found about 65% costume participation inside. GREAT, I love Hallowe'en. I would be giving out Candy on the 31st if I did not have to work all nite every month end.
Buddies had the chamber open, we decided to go there to dance. In there we met Ryan, Toby and Ryan. Buddies regulars, no surprise. They were not dressed up either.
Every time I went to the bathroom to check on my makeup, I kept on running into the silver surfer from X-Men. It was weird. I will post photos here as soon as I get them scanned, I am trying to get a scanner myself, but that is not going to plan as I would like.

Tuesday October 23rd, 2001
Well, TOLeo & Luckee7 called me today from Ft. Lauderdale FLA. Man, those bitches are having fun, sorta. It has rained for the first three days and TOLeo pinched a nerve so he cannot turn his head side to side. I hope for their sake that 1. the weather shapes up and 2. TOLeo's neck is better, nothing like being in MIAMI and not being able to move your neck.....
Tomorrow I speak at an Anti-Homophobia workshop, dunno how that is going to go, but we will see.
Not much else has happened other than I am still a little sick and HOPE I feel better before the weekend, as this is my weekend off this month and I want to have fun DT all dressed up.

Thursday October 18th, 2001
Tonite was not as interesting as last nite. No bar fights although not for lacking of being in a bar, just was in a different type of bar than Wednesday nite. Tonite we (GlendonKyd) and I went for Tazo. That then became some pool at Pegasus cause Astounded was supposed to be there. Luckee7 gave me a call and he stopped by too, so the 4 of us were shooting the shit, playing pool and having fun.
I was winning until Luckee7 showed up, and he was not that lucky for me...
Luckee talked us into going to Woody's for a bit. We stopped in there and met up with Tiberius & co. Astounded got dragged on stage for the "Best Chest" by Matieu from U8TV and his friend. Astounded made the final 4, and should have won, but did not make the final 2 due a bias on the judges part. The applause for him was much louder than the other 2. Eh, C'est La Vie.
After that we left and I drove the boys home. On the way to the car though something happened that gave me flashbacks of horror. Remember that Grey car from September 26th, well we saw it again tonite as we were walking to my car. It was along Maitland. He was checking us out again. I almost dropped into the fetal posistion, it was a bad memory.
Glendon and got a little hungary after dropping Astounded off, so we went to where else to eat, McDonald's. MMMMMMM. I am addicted.
Well I must get going now, as I have to drive DT at 11am to pick up Toleo and Luckee7 as the bastards are in Miami for 9 days. I am jealous.

Wednesday October 17th, 2001
Tonight just goes to prove that you never what is going to happen and where. I went out with some str8 friends tonite. Bates, Ronny, and Blo. Our original plans were Kingdom in Burlington, someone said it was hip on Wednesday's. Well they were closed. So off to Toronto we headed.
We get DT at about 12:15, search around for a good str8 bar, we see this lineup outside this bar so we figure, why not? We park our car, walk over stand outside for 20 mins watching the honey's inside (both sexes). My friends were drooling over the girl in front of us in line. I had my sights elsewhere. Oh, BTW, the place was called Crocodile Rock on Adelaide.
So we pay our $5 cover and see the best sign we could see. "ALL DRINKS $2.75", ALLELUIA!! Well the place says it was rated for 390 ppl, but it was not at capacity and we were shoulder to shoulder, everywhere we walked.
We walk past this guy that looks familiar to me, and low and behold, it is our Brinks guy. He comes in and picks up our $$ from the safe and delivers coin, that was funny. Turns out it was his first time there too.
We chill for a bit, walk around and end up on the upstairs dancefloor (well, section). So we are dancing up there and this guy keeps bumping my friend, Ronny. Then he asked me if I wanted to fight him? I said no. He looked at his friend, gave him a hand signal, and bang, from behind I was getting attacked. This guy jumped on me and whaled me in the back of the neck and left shoulder. Ronny and Bates jumped in to help, thank god for good friends. Blo was trying to hold one guy down, but was having difficulty maintaing his grip in the floor with his shoes, all the beer that did not fall on me, was now on the floor.
Ronny, pins one down and is whaling him and I am trying to grab the other one and drag him away. Bates is getting held back by 2 women who would not let him fight. He was not impressed.
12 bouncers are there in like less than 2 mins. I was impressed with their crowd navigation skills, I have seen faster, but, they got there.
Once there, 2 of them grab Ronny, and the rest go for the other two troublemakers. They were trying to through Ronny, out but some witnesses said "no", he was not that involved, he was self-defense, so to those ppl, "Thank-YOu"
One of the bouncers grabbed me and was what looked like he was trying to do was get me out too. But I asked him what and he wanted INFO from me, that is all.
So we got to stay and they had to go, :)
So that was my 1st bar fight, not bad since it has been what seems like forever going OUT.
We hung around for a little while longer and then flexed on out. On our way out, the 2 guys were standing their trying to get their glasses back that Ronny knocked off, awwwww muffin, too bad.  :(
We got out, went to the car and then was macked by these 3 girls while we were eating our vendor dogs. It was funny.
So other than some bruises, it was a REAL FUN NIGHT, a must do again in the future.

Friday October 12th, 2001
Met the usual SEXY gang at Woody's. We stayed there for a bit and then kinda broke off into 2 groups. One of them going to BARN, and the other, the one I was in, going to PRYZM. It was ok, a lot of really cute shirtless boiz on drugs. Lots to look at, but nothing I would touch without consideration first. Granted not ALL of them were on drugs, but I saw a fair amount of them.
From there it was to the Pizza place on Church/Alexander and met some guy from the east coast. Really nice but I think we scared him off. Then to a friends place to eat it and home from there. I was too sick to stay over. Would have kept them up all nite with my coughing... Would not have been nice of me....

Wednesday October 3rd, 2001
Seminars ALL DAY, they were not that bad cause they were with friends and co-workers. Could not wait for dinner and Karma Club. Well I made an ass of myself as usual at the hypnotist show. I went on stage and was a Village Person, a chinese cop, Chip-n'-dale dancer, balerina, and some other stuff too. I won the trophy for "Best Hypnotic Subject"
Well, Fernandez, the hypnotist put a lasting impression on me that every time I saw this one guy Len, I would go up and hug him and say that I loved him.... All nite I was doing that...
Got to drinking some more, and more, and more, and more and well, you get the point. I drank a lot last nite, too much. Let's just leave it at that. I did get to sleep in a King Size bed alone cause my roomate disappeared somewhere, do not ask me where??
And at last I finally met m1k3y today, we had coffee. Still have not met Rabbit yet though.... I am wondering if that will ever happen....

Tuesday October 2nd, 2001
WOO HOO. Pre party at the International Plaza hotel for our Wednesday convention. I brought the captain along with me and we became re-aquainted, it has been so long since him and I have bonded. Someone knocked on our door in our room so we peeked out and some cute thing told us to come and party in their room. So we did.
Ends up someone in the room, Cindy, knew me from last year and worked for a store in Hamilton. She knew a friend of mine that left ssauga and went there to work. We called her and she said that all of her friends had gone to bed so she came down in her pj's and we partied in their room.
Cathy was out of it, she did not even recognize me at first. When she did, she jumped all over me, it was nice to see an old friend.
There were a bunch of there from both teams, we all partied together. Leor, Adam, Mike, Cindy, Jason, Cathy, Yama, Craig, and myself. It was a really good time. Well at about 4am we went back to our room because they wanted to sleep.
The 5 drunken fools we were stayed up more and partied, play fighting and stuff. Have a bruise on my arm from shot for shot.
I got about 1 hr sleep that nite before having to sit through seminars ALL DAY.

Thursday September 27th, 2001
OMG. What fun I had last nite. Met up with CuTeN, KidBjork and M. We met at Woody's, was there for a bit and then they took me to this place called The Resevoir Lounge. A str8 bar on Wellington. A swing club, music, not lifestyle (not that there is anything wrong with a lifestyle like that). I like Swing and Jazz so I had a blast. We ended up sitting next to Tim & Patty, a very nice couple that have been together for about a year according to Patty, Tim was not too sure. LOL. He was a str8 man, what str8 man knows that question?
We partied there for a bit and CuTeN and KidBjork left early. M and I had fun partying the rest of the nite with Patty and Tim. Telling jokes and getting to know them and then getting invited to their wedding which CuTeN apparently arranged and proposed last nite for Tim.
Well when the lights came on, M and I decided to walk back to the village instead of taking a cab, it was a nice night out. The walk was not as long as it seemed it would be.
A fun nite had by all who attended.
Good luck PATTY and TIMOTHY. I (we) hope you end up happy and die together. After a long marriage of course, and remember what I said about the tatoos after about 8 years of marriage.
Wednesday September 26th, 2001
Ok, it has been awhile since I have posted news. It has been hectic, with working and trying to go out and party. There is good news and bad news. Good news is my camera is not FUBAR'd, bad news is one roll of film IS FUBAR'd, which sucks cause there were some good pics there. But I did take some more with a different role the next week and they turned out quite good actually, I am proud of them. I am a little disappointed that the one of Superstar and the one of Astounded did not turn out. There are others too, but c'est la vie.
I had to work last Sunday morning, so I could not go out, I ended up staying home and had some bad TV dinner. I woke up and was puking my guts out for like an hour. I called in sick to work, but since it was BIG TOUR day, I was coersed into going in for a couple of hours. I felt like shit though.
I was supposed to go and meet some friends DT tonite for coffee and dinner, but they bailed on me. Good think Mom and Dad called, so I hung out with them while they were in the city for a friends fathers funeral today. That part kinda sucked, he was a nice man.
After that I headed DT and met my friend TOLeo and we went to Woody's (saw Chris23 on the way there) where we met up with JB, Tiberius, Happy Get Lucky, Matty and Lil' One. From there it was onto the Barn, where else. There were not as many hotties this week as there was last week for some reason. Oh ya, the bouncer upstairs on the 2nd floor. Just to let you guys know, he does not like being called princess, trust me ok.
There were a couple of cuties there, but were interersted in me. One even said I was a Backstreet/N'Sync wanna-be?? What the Fuck is up with that?
We saw JonE, Joe, Dragyn, Skeeter (he ignored us all nite) and ViciousBerryBubbleCake was there too, he said hi and gave me a hug.
Well that is it for now. I am tired and tired of going to bed alone.
And there was one more thing. I was followed to my car by some old nasty thing in his car thinking I was looking for a trick. I had to fake calling police and reporting his licence #. So be careful boys when you are out. Freaks are out there and they are real.

Saturday September 15th, 2001
After work I got a call from a friend Superstar, who convinced me to meet him at Woody's. Well I was reluctant because I had worked 11-7 and busted my ass all day, and was tired and had to work 9-5 on Sunday. But since he is a friend and really sexy, I said yes. I took my new roomate and her girlfriend along as well.
We went to Woody's and met up with Superstar and his friend. We stayed there for a bit and I found everyone there again and more. Nikko, Greg, Brian, CuTeN, Subby, Chris B, Casper Lil' J, & Mike. We had some fun there and then off to 5ive. I have not been to 5ive in a long time and it was a Saturday to boot.
On our way to 5ive, we broke out into song, well it was mostly Mike and Subby. But we all were singing while we turned onto St. Joseph St. 'I Will Survive' was the song of choice. It was hilarious. Mel and her girlfriend, did not join us inside, they went to a dyke bar, Tango's. They said they had fun there.
Once inside we met up with Stevieguy, Hitman, Jamiroquai, Tofer, Keisha, Tiberius, Bradford, AlanA1 and some others, cannot member all names. Too many new ppl at once.
You know the amount of fun you have at a club really does depend on who you are with. Cause I had a blast at 5ive this nite, and the last time I was at 5ive, it was not that fun.
Someone picked up tonite and got lucky, I will not mention any names as not to embarass that person.
The amount of pics that I got was good, we will see how they turn out, you will see them here soon on the pics page, maybe one embedded for effect in here.
And I did not get home until about 4:15am this morning and had to be at work for 8:30AM, ug, but I got there and was not as bitchy as I thought I would be today. I managed to work 9-9 and still make it home awake. I did sleep when I got home and had a Neo-Citron and a Tylenol: Cold and Flu nightime. Cause I had to start at 5am on Monday morn. FUN!!!

Friday September 14th, 2001
Holy Cow, Gay.com nite at Woody's or what? Romper Bomper Stomper Boo, tell me tell me tell me who? Who did I see that nite? I saw Astounded, Casper, Tofer & Co. (Marco, Andrew?, Derek?), Hitman, Happy, CuTeN, Subby, StevieGuy and then we met a foreigner, he was from Orillia, not Canada.
We had fun at Woody's and there will be a pic as soon as they are developed. We migrated to the Barn and spread out form there. Split up and had fun in our groups. CuTeN, thanx for the drinks, I owe you one or two or four.
While at the Barn we proceeded to have some shots of Tequila, mmmmmmmm, Tequila. I think Astounded got the drunkest out of all of us. I do not think that he even members how he got home. Of course we went to Fran's afterwards. Subby, Casper, StevieGuy and myself.
They sat us in the back of the diner, they know better now to put us back there. Casper was actually a little drunk (sorry) pretty DRUNK too. Him and Subby were up to their usual antics and embarrasment. I think I saw Owen-Craig there, but that is unconfirmed.
Xiek got home at like 5am and had to work at 1030am on Saturday. Xiek was a little bitchy at work that day.

Tuesday September 11th, 2001
Can you believe what happened at 8:45am this morning. The world is shocked. I am a little surprised that something like this did not happen sooner to tell you the truth.

Monday September 10th, 2001
I was on my way home from work at 2:30am, I suppose this should say Tuesday then, but I have not gone to bed and awoken, so that is the same day for me. I was about 10km from home when a cop pulled me over. I gave him my License and Registration like a good citizen. He asked where I was coming from, I said work on Jane st. He looked at me and walked back to his car. He returned quite quickly and asked me to do him a favor. Slow down. He said the arches helped save me, went back to his car and then drove off in a hurry. I think he had a more important call to attend to.  :)

Saturday September 8th, 2001
Where else would I go on Saturday, you guessed it Buddies, sorry Talua's Cabaret. We had a new member to our group this time. Melanie, my new lesbian roomate. It was her first week in Toronto and thought that I should take her out. She has been here before but not many times. She seemed to have a good time at Buddies. Casper, TOLeo, lil' Jay, Kristy, Judy were all there. We partied as usual and went to Frans, surprise. We ended up sitting at Elizabeths table again. Ugh. And we were next to 2 Drag Queen's that were fucking hilarious. The jokes flying were awesome. After Frans, we decided to walk Melanie up Church at 4am.
It was a lucky thing we did too cause we met more ppl. Matty19 was at Church/Wellesley getting some street meat. On the way to the car we met up Superstar and his friend Paul, they had nowhere to sleep. They were thinking of Cawthra Park, so Xiek being the nice guy that he is, offered them a ride to ssuaga and the use of his bed, they opted for the ride and took the pullout. :( But before we could leave, we had to walk up to Cawthra Park to get some liqor that they had stashed there earlier in the evening. As were walking there, we met Dragyn. This is the first time that I have met him. I believe he was on his way to FLY. Hope you had fun Dragyn.
This led us back to my car where we blasted Mulan Rouge Soundtrack and while track 10 was playing we were all singing it and pulled up beside a van with two big ugly str8 guys in it, the looks on their faces were priceless.
Well can I tell you that Superstar has an amazing body. Having him walk around in his boxers was great.
The rest is another story.......

Thursday September 6th, 2001
Took the strightacting quiz and scored a level 5. If you would like to try it, click here.
Tuesday September 4th, 2001

Saturday September 1st, 2001
After working all nite and then sleeping all day. I pulled an all-niter and went out. Where else would I be on Saturday night. You guessed it, Buddies. Had some fun partying with Casper, Jason, StevieGuy, TOLeo, Jamiroquai & co., J<dot>Bee, and Jamie. While there I met just Shibby and Razor was around too. There were some cuties there tonite and the music wasn't all that bad. Gordon managed to play lots of songs that I had requested so it was all good. Although it was an interesting nite, with the topless Lesbians and seeing an actual penis while I was outside second hand smoking with Jamiroquai and his friends (who are really nice BTW). We will not mention whose penis I saw, they know who they are I am sure.
I do not have much more time to write this, as I am off to work now, damn these all niters.

Thursday August 30th, 2001
Well, Thursday. This was an interesting day. It was sexy Adam's B-day so we had to take him out. And we did. The only bad thing about the nite was going to Whiskey-a-Go-Go, yes a str8 strip bar. But he is a good friend so I made the sacrafice of sitting on perverts row for like 4 hours. Too much fish for me. We did spend like $300 on him and got him what he wanted for his b-day. And to top off the nite, there is nothing quite like watching a friend puke his guts out at the end of the nite. Kind of brings a tear to your eye eh?

Sunday August 26th, 2001
I had to go and check out IT, since for once I was not working at 4am on Monday morning it seemed like a good night to go. I made plans with Happy, Astounded, Tiberius and J.B. Happy and J.B. showed but the other never showed up. That is ok, I filled your spaces with Hitman and my other friend Stevie. I am not sure if I will make IT a regular stop. I felt a lot of attitude there. IT was too pushy shovy for me. I left IT just after 1am. I was going to go home but decided to make a stop by the Barn. Tradition I suppose. Stayed there for a bit and left at 2am. No one was really there.
So Sunday was not as eventful as the other 2 nights of my weekend off, but I still enjoyed the weekend as a package.

Saturday August 25th, 2001
The night started off with Casper & I going to TOLEO's place to pre-drink before going to Buddies. I had not expected a mini Gay.com party there. Stevieguy21, ChadChad, Happy, Hitman, Subby, Capser, TOLEO, Astounded, Razor25, Jamiroqua, Tofer, Keisha, Aidan02. I did recognize some others there but had never met them before. Saturday was another fun night. With TOLEO celebrating his 51st B-Day, how could we not have fun. Gordon, thanx a million for announcing it to the club. Yes, he DID fall of the stage again, he blames Happy, since he was trying to let him up on stage, I think it was the Rum & 7's that he was drinking.
BTW, the bartender at Buddies is excellent, you can tell this cause I do not need to say anything when I approach the bar. I just walk up and usually when I get there my Rum & Coke (for all you boyz who want to buy me a drink, now you know what I drink) is ready. I say that this is a good thing, because it is rare to find a bartender that is that good, ALL THE TIME.
It is too bad that TOLEO had to leave early. He was walking up from the washrooms and some girl decided to hurl as she was walking down the stairs, it hit his pant leg and shoes. After trying to wash it out in the bathroom, he still stunk like a cheap whore. So he left and they would not let him back in. I think it sounded somewhat like a victim statement to me. He just didn't know where the BLUE chips were.
After Buddies it was off to the usual FRAN's. Astounded, too bad you did not want to come with us. I really do think that the waiters there are getting fed up with is, John, we really do appreciate your service.
While at Fran's Subby was his usual self. Doing his Dame Edna impression a long with Barney Gumble, Moe, and of course, Cleo. So of course we were the loudest table in there, what is new.
From there it was off to the cars. Where when we were in the Parking Lot, Subby's car was trying to $#% XIEK. But my car has standards, it wanted nothing to do with his.

Friday August 24th, 2001
Well it was a nite of partying since I had the weekend off of work. It was off to Buddies to meet some friends for a drink. With Ryan getting outed by his boyfriends now EX-roomate. It was an interesting start to the night. While at Woody's I had heard that Subby, Casper, J.B., Tofer were out and about. Tiberius, thanx for the tip. So off to the Barn I went to see if I could find them. I got there and found them. While there I finally met BSB, although he was ignoring me at first I think. I still dunno on that one. I also had the pleasure of meeting with Astounded. So it was a good night.
On the way out of the Barn at about 3am, I was grabbed by a boy that I had never met before named Owen-Craig who has 3 houses around the city. Owen-Craig, I would have went to Fran's with you guys if I was not so tired. Next time you see me, I will make it up to you.