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Ask Xiek
If you have a question to ask of me, just send it to ME. I will post it here when I get around answering it. I should answer the question quite quickly, unless I have to research the answer first. You can ask me anything on here. I hold almost nothing back.

Rabbit72, Monday November 19th, 10:54

    It was lovely to meet you last week (Thurs. Nov. 15) at Woody's, for yet
another gay.com booze fest.  Why have you not put this down in Xiek.com's
news section?  Was it that hideous an experience for you?


Your friendly neighbourhood Rabbit

Well what Rabbit states is 100% true. There was a big meeting at Woody's, I think about 20 or 30 of us showed up.... It was really fun to meet some ppl that I have never met and see ppl that I have not seen in ages since I have been out of the scene for a while due to illness.

I think to answer BABS original question as to why no info was posted. I was overwhelmed at the fact that I finally met Rabbit and Skeeter in the same nite. There were many meetings planned that certain parties were not able to attend at the last minute, and just finally meeting by chance really, caught me off guard and almost knocked me off my feet.

TOLeo, Monday October 1st, 9:13

    How many rum and cokes at 5ive will it take you to make up for the horrendous weekend at work you just completed ????

Well TOLeo, this is a very good point. For those of you that do not know, I had to work 45 hrs this past weekend. 3 days, yes I did 45 hrs in 3 days. I do not know if any amount of Rum and Cokes can make up for it. I think it will be a long process of therapy to get over that. Oh, and 1 extra day off would be nice.
I can tell you that the convention scheduled for the 4th, will help a great deal. Open Bar, how can you go wrong.

TOLeo, Monday September 17th, 20:39

    When will TOLeo, L'il Jay, Lucky,and Xiek rendez-vous in Montreal ???

That would all depend if can ever get our schedules to meet up and it may have to do with the fact that I have requested a weekend of for the past 4 months and not gotten that weekend. Before I start blaming my boss and using a lot of victim statements, I will stop. I will say that I really, really, really, really want the 4our of us to go and party in Montreal.

Rabbit72, Monday September 10th, 14:52

How many Rum and Cokes will I have to buy before you will forgive me for not showing up at Buddies last weekend??

It would take a lot to get me to forget that you did not show up. Seeing how I usually get strong ones there, it would prolly take you 2 for forgiveness. That will keep it at $10 for you and get a big smile and hug from me to boot. I find it hard to stay mad at ppl for great lengths. Even if they did not show up when they said they would, or in other cases, not call me back, (especially when they are cute boys named MIKE). But alas, that is also another story for another time.....

TOLeo, Monday September 10th, 14:24

Is it tough being the most popular person in the Toronto 1 room ??

Is it tough. I would have to say yes, but I would have to argue that I am not THE most popular one and that I share this role with a few others. There is of course Rabbit, I would have to say he is the most popular. We cannot forget Skeeter, Casper, Subby, Tofer, C@mm, Happy Get Lucky. These I would have to say are among the most popular. It all depends where you are placing your BLUE CHIPS. (was this a good enough answer for using no victim statements?)